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Aluminium profile shop marking and label management requirements, are you doing the right thing?

By:Foshan diyi machinery thchnology co.,ltd. Date: 2019-08-23Hit: 850次

One line type

Class A - yellow paint solid line

Line width 60mm: in principle for item positioning lines;

Line width 80mm: in principle for the equipment area line;

Line width 120mm: In principle for the main channel line.

Class B - yellow paint dotted line

Line width 60mm: Internal dividing line in large working area, allowing passage line (can be combined with virtual and real).

Class C - red solid line

Line width 60mm: the dividing line of the defective product placement area (the three-sided wall is encountered, and the fourth floor is marked with a red solid line).

Class D - a diagonal zebra crossing of yellow and black (tilted 45o)

Dangerous goods area line, warning area line, fire exit line.

Second, the positioning line

Class A—Location of the device:

All equipment and workbench are positioned with a yellow four-corner positioning line. The inner space of the four-corner positioning line of the workbench indicates the words “XX workbench/equipment”.

Class B - Defective product area (recycling bins for waste, boxes, defective product placement racks)

With the red line, if the positioning range is less than 40cm × 40cm, the closed solid frame is directly used for positioning.

Class C - Location of dangerous goods such as fire-fighting equipment, oils, chemicals, etc.

Use red and white warning positioning lines.

Class D—Common items for material stacking and shape rules, and positioning of all devices that can be moved or easily moved

Use a yellow four-corner alignment line.

Class E - Positioning of the opening area of prohibited items such as fire hydrants and power distribution cabinets

Use a yellow and white zebra fill line.

Class F—positioning of mobile equipment (eg hydraulic forklifts, electric forklifts, material trucks, etc.)

Use the alignment line around the yellow line and indicate the starting direction.

Class G - positioning of the shelf

Class H--door opening and closing line

Class I - height limit line

Class J - warning range line

Fire hydrants set on the wall; power distribution cabinets, distribution boxes, electrical control cabinets, etc.; areas that alert the operation of the operation, remind the area of attention, and remind the head.

Class K - Table top positioning

Parts to be machined, machined parts, work tools, inspection tools, record sheets, small boxes.

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